“Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology” has represented a subject of debate for a long time among the ophthalmologists; questions regarding what role it should have, how much are we interested in publishing in it, how much help we will get from it, have been our main concerns. We should notforget that the journal has appeared many years ago, when information sources were limited – itsappearance was well received due to the information provided. The appearance of “Mr. Google”generated, as in many others domains, changes of the community’s attitude towards it. Many critical opinions have emerged because the journal was not able to support those who were in need of promotion, due to the lack of quotations. The editorial staff made admirable efforts, but if we make an effort to publish an article, we should get the right amount of support for it. Obtaining a quotation for the journal is a long and difficult process that requires access to a “club” of periodical publications and involves certain rules for publishing.

        To summarize, there are some mandatory conditions:

- international editorial board

- representative graphic design

- respecting the date of the appearance – quarterly

- articles written only in English.

     Perhaps many of us do not know that, in order to publish in a journal with international recognition, one has to pay an important amount of money - hundreds of euros or dollars. But, more than that, the journal reflects the national scientific level of our specialty and, in order to be appreciated as closer to reality as possible, it must be read by colleagues from other countries, not only by us, the Romanians. We advocate to publish the journal in an international language. The Board of the Society chose the English language. Knowing the results of the community work, being aware of its value is difficult, requires continuity, consistency and time. The journal is a reflection of what we do and where we stand, with good and bad things. This is what the Board of the Society is trying to do now, by assuming these principles and by taking this decision. I think we made a wise decision that will pay back on the long run. It is not in our advantage to continue in the same manner and the result can be seen.

     Marketing is an important process that should be known everywhere. This means an effort made mainly by specialists, not only by us, in marketing. We also have to send our review to different places (libraries, universities, etc.) and to different personalities. This is something to be evaluated in time, depending on the evolution of our success with the “Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology”.

Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology

Mihail Zemba, M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Ovidiu Musat, M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Victor Lorin Purcarea, Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Horia Stanca, M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Daniel Branisteanu, M.D., Ph.D. Iasi, Romania
Assoc.Prof. Florian Balta, M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Daniel Baron M.D., Ph.D. Nantes, France
Prof. Zsolt Biro M.D., Ph.D. Pecs, Hungary
Prof. Derald Brackmann M.D., Ph.D. Los Angeles, USA
Thierry Chazalon M.D., Ph.D. Nantes, France
Prof. Dorin Chiselita M.D., Ph.D. Iasi, Romania
Prof. Gabriel Coscas M.D., Ph.D. Paris, France
Prof. Christian Paul Jonescu-Cuypers M.D., Ph.D. Berlin, Germany
Assoc. Prof. Mircea Filip M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Prof. Cesare Forlini M.D., Ph.D. Ravenna, Italy
Prof. Fabias Hoehn M.D., Ph.D. Pforzheim, Germany
Prof. Khaled al Rakhawy, M.D., Ph.D. Cairo, Egipt
Prof. J.J. De Laey M.D., Ph.D. Gent, Belgium
Prof. Slobodanka Latinovic M.D., Ph.D. Novi Sad, Serbia
Prof. Dan Milea M.D., Ph.D. Angers, France
Prof. Mihnea Munteanu M.D., Ph.D. Timisoara, Romania
Gabor Rado M.D., Ph.D. Budapest, Hungary
Prof.Gabor Scharioth M.D., Ph.D. Recklinghausen, Germany
Prof. Wolfgang Schrader M.D., Ph.D. Wuerzburg, Germany
Daniela Selaru M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Assoc.Prof. Cristina Stan M.D., Ph.D. Cluj Napoca, Romania
Prof. Adriana Stanila M.D., Ph.D. Sibiu, Romania
Cornel Stefan M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Calin Tataru M.D.,Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Prof.Dr. Cristina Vladutiu M.D., Ph.D. Cluj Napoca, Romania
Gheorghe Anghel M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Eugen Bendelic M.D., Ph.D. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Camelia Bogdanici M.D., Ph.D. Iasi, Romania
Daniel Branisteanu M.D., Ph.D. Iasi, Romania
Marian Burcea M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Catalina Corbu M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Mihaela Coroi M.D., Ph.D. Oradea, Romania
Danut Costin M.D., Ph.D. Iasi, Romania
Valeria Coviltir M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Valeriu Cusnir M.D., Ph.D. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Monica Gavris M.D., Ph.D. Cluj Napoca, Romania
Karin Horvath M.D., Ph.D. Tg. Mures, Romania
Sanda Jurja M.D., Ph.D. Constanta, Romania
Carmen Mocanu M.D., Ph.D. Craiova, Romania
Cristina Nicula M.D., Ph.D. Cluj Napoca, Romania
Monica Pop M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Mihai Pop M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Alina Popa-Cherecheanu M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Vasile Potop M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Speranta Schmitzer M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Horia Stanca M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Ioan Stefaniu M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania
Simona Talu M.D., Ph.D. Cluj Napoca, Romania
Liliana Voinea M.D., Ph.D. Bucharest, Romania


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