Volume 64 Issue 3 2020

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Daydreaming optometry and computer vision syndrome – the necessity of a Social Marketing campaign in Romania
Gheorghe Consuela-Mădălina



Update in pediatric myopia treatment strategies 
Țone Silvia, Niagu Irina Andreea, Bogdănici Ștefan Tudor, Bogdănici Camelia Margareta

Generics versus brand-named drugs for glaucoma: the debate continues
Bhartiya Shibal, Dhingra Deepika

Topical antibiotic therapy in eye infections -myths and certainties in the era of bacterial resistance to antibiotics
Aramă Victoria


General articles

Ocular pathology associated with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome 
Cristescu Teodor Răzvan, Mihălțan Florin Dumitru

Minimum inhibitory concentrations and resistance for selected antimicrobial agents (including imipenem, linezolid and tigecycline) of bacteria obtained from eye infections
Galvis Virgilio, Tello Alejandro, Sánchez Walter, Camacho Paul, Villarreal Donaldo, García Diana

Comparison of ocular aberrations in three types of rigid gas permeable lenses in keratoconus patients
Torkman Shabnam, Khabazkhoob Mehdi, Kangari Haleh, Yekta Abbasali, Jafarzadehpur Ebrahim

Longitudinal analysis of subfoveal choroidal thickness after panretinal laser photocoagulation in diabetic retinopathy using swept-source optical coherence tomography
Eleiwa Kamel Taher, Bayoumy Ahmed, Elhusseiny Mahmoud Abdelrahman, Gamil Khalid, Sharawy Amr


Case reports

Imagery – ultrasound biomicroscopy and anterior segment Optical Coherence Tomography – in the diagnosis of anterior segment pathology
Zemba Mihail, Stamate Alina-Cristina

The giant tear of retinal pigment epithelium following focal laser in central serous chorioretinopathy
Oli Avadhesh, Balakrishnan Divya

Atypical findings in unilateral Acute Idiopathic Maculopathy: a case report
Elnahry Ayman

Fundus changes after cardiac surgery
Rahhal-Ortuño Miriam, Fernández-Santodomingo Alex Samir, Aguilar-González Marina, Marín-Payá Emma, Martínez-Costa Rafael

Migraine or Acute Angle Closure? 
Stan Cristina, Stan Cristina, Rednik Anca Maria

Association of retinitis pigmentosa and advanced keratoconus in siblings
Zemba Mihail, Zaharia Alexandra-Cătălina, Dumitrescu Otilia-Maria